DC X Cat & Cloud | Limited Edition Manual

March 02,2022

The DC X Cat & Cloud Manual is here today! We teamed up with skater-owned coffee brand Cat & Cloud Coffee out of Santa Cruz to brew up a sustainable and skateable Manual collection. This limited Manual is built with the eco-friendly tech of S.Cafe® coffee yarn—a hearty fabric made from recycled coffee grounds. And not only does this shoe have 100% vegan construction, it’s also 100% skate-ready with a reinforced rubber toe and IMPACT-ALG™ insoles. It’s a simple, skateable vulc and also one of our most sustainably built shoes to date.


To bring this project to life, we linked up with Cat & Cloud founder, Chris Baca, to talk about how he got into coffee and the importance of sustainability in his business model. On top of roasting some of the best coffee we’ve ever tasted, Chris remains a dyed-in-the-wool skateboarder. He even dug up some old VX footage of himself skating… and if you look closely, you’ll spot him sporting some vintage DC styles.



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